ACMIT at DMD Europe Conference 2013 10.10.2013


The first Design of Medical Devices Conference – Europe 2013 took place from October 7-9 at the Technical University Delft in the Netherlands.

It is based on a close collaboration with the well-known Design of Medical Device Conference in Minneapolis, USA, the world’s largest medical device conference.

The program in Delft was densely filled with multiple scientific poster sessions and technical and scientific oral sessions with talks and lectures on image-guided interventions, technology-aided surgery and rehabilitation.


ACMIT Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gernot Kronreif, was invited as a speaker and gave a talk on transnational research and development and the experiences of ACMIT within an international network of research partners.

Moreover, ACMIT had an exhibition booth presenting a novel medical system for contactless measurements of the intraocular eye pressure for glaucoma prevention. This cost-effective and portable technology aims at monitoring the eye during a 24h cycle. It is able to record
daily fluctuations and provides a more reliable picture than a single snap-shot of current
state-of-the art stationary measurement. Thereby dangerous fluctuations of eye pressure are
noticed that might be overlooked in single measurements.

Information booth of ACMIT at the exhibition session of DMD 2013 Europe conference.

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