ACMIT CSO Kronreif Lecturer at Robotics Summerschool 09.09.2013


The 6th Surgical Robotics Summer School in Montpellier brought together clinical, scientific
and engineering experts. Dr. Gernot Kronreif, CSO of ACMIT and Manager of ACMIT’s
Research Area 2 „Medical Robots“, was among the

invited lecturers.

Kronreif’s talk gave insight into a company’s perspective on surgical robotics which was of great value especially for young researchers with purely academic background. Kronreif put special emphasis on marketing and regulatory aspects  in the development of medical robots and he gave an overview of European safety regulations and standards. In his lecture Kronreif reflected ACMIT’s daily business: ACMIT provides its R&D services with operational excellence and compliant to all regulatory requirements in order to position itself as a quality
leader in its field.

The summer school took place September 4-11, 2013. It was coordinated by Philippe Poignet
and Nabil Zemiti from Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microleectronics
(LIRMM). The course was addressed to PhD Students, post-docs and researchers already
involved in surgical robotics.

 6th Surgical Robotics Summer School in Montpellier

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