ACMIT partner Óbuda University received daVinci medical robot system 11.08.2014

The ACMIT partner „Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics“ at Óbuda University (Budapest, Hungary) received a daVinci surgical system for new cutting-edge research in the field of medical robotics.
This high-end medical
technology is used at over 3000 locations globally for various minimally invasive surgical procedures, and from now on serves as a research system at Óbuda University. The first generation of daVinci appeared on the market in 2000, revolutionizing Minimally Invasive Surgery procedures.

Also for ACMIT, this donation opens new horizon in our R&D projects in teleoperation control, remote telesurgery and surgical skill assessment which are performed in strong cooperation with our research partners Óbuda University and Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary).

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