ACMIT very positively evaluated 07.06.2013


After a thorough evaluation an international jury of experts has come to the conclusion: ACMIT is excellent! In a two-day visit the jury got a detailed picture of the scientific results of ACMIT’s first three years, of the management and of the future strategy.

The jury consisted of four general experts and three „peer experts“ in relevant technology fields. Its feedback was very positive in all regards.  „The Center was performing very good
research and development in an important and topical field. ACMIT had identified key clinical
issues and its work should lead to significant developments“, was one of the jury’s
statements. Furthermore the evaluation team judged: „The Center’s management was
performing very well and had a clear vision for the future.“  As a result the evaluation team
unanimously recommended continued funding for the K1 Center ACMIT for the period
2014-2017. The evaluation process is part of the standard quality management process
within the COMET – Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies Program. ACMIT’s CEO
Nikolaus Dellantoni commented: „The funding commitment and the consistently positive
feedback reflect the jury’s appreciation for our scientific and technical achievements and for
our technology development process itself.“

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