About Us

ACMIT is headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dipl. Ing. Nikolaus
Dellantoni and the Scientific Director (CSO) Dr. Gernot Kronreif. While the CEO is responsible for the management of the company, the Scientific Director defines the research program and ensures progress and achievement of ACMIT’s
scientific objectives.

The ACMIT Management Board further consists of the Research Area Managers, the Development Manager, the Quality Manager and the Head of Finance & Controlling. The Development Manager ensures that the projects are constantly operated in-time, in-budget and in-quality in order to attain the complete satisfaction of our customers. The Quality Manager is responsible for the implementation and ongoing improvement of ACMIT’s ISO 13485 certified quality management system. The Head of Finance & Controlling assists the CEO in all commercial matters, and in particular serves as the interface for the reporting and accounting of funded projects. As external advice is crucial for a prospective steering of an organization, ACMIT relies on competent guidance by a Strategy Board and a Scientific Board.

ACMIT is organized in four research areas. Each research area is coordinated by a Research Area Manager and has key researchers, who are also appointed as members of the Scientific Board. All research and development activities are performed by an interdisciplinary team of experts with different professional backgrounds and fields of expertise. Additionally, our staff is complemented by a number of doctorate, master and bachelor students. ACMIT’s daily business is supported by administration and accounting.

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