ACMIT is rooted in micro-systems technology

From 2010 – 2014 ACMIT was operated by the Integrated Microsystems Austria GmbH (IMA). During this time the focus was continuously shifted from micro-systems technology to medical technology. In 2014 IMA and ACMIT completely converged to ACMIT Gmbh.

A view back

IMA was founded in 2005, based on a cooperation between the ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH, the Vienna University of Technology, and the University of
Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt. The goal was to merge the existing
academic know-how on micro-systems technology and create an industrial competence center for serving the industry in different application areas.

Over time, the field of medical technology has played an increasingly important role in IMA’s activities, which finally resulted in the establishment of the competence center ACMIT at the beginning of 2010. The focus of ACMIT was and still is the development of medical technology and processes for minimally
invasive interventions.

Transition of IMA to ACMIT

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