International Conference SMIT2014 in Shanghai, China 22.09.2014

The 26th Annual Conference of the International Society for Medical Innovation and Technology iSMIT has been held
in Shanghai/China, from September 18-20, 2014. It was not only the first conference of the SMIT series in China but
also one of the biggest so far, with almost 300 participants from about 20 countries world-wide.

ACMIT contributed to the conference with four oral presentations, covering most of our core research topics: robotics, instrument development, micro-optics and work-flow optimization by simulation and modelling. „The main advantage of SMIT conferences is to get a very good overview of current research and development activities in many directions of medical technology. The conference also is a perfect opportunity to discuss with experts from different disciplines in technical areas and medicine“, explains the ACMIT CSO Dr. Gernot Kronreif, pointing out the close relation between the SMIT scope and ACMIT’s R&D programme.

The next conference, SMIT 2015, will be held in Brno/Czech Republic on September 10-12, 2015.

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