Lab on a Chip publication 21.01.2014

„Single-step design of hydrogel-based microfluidic assays for rapid csm_chip_b07bcce115diagnostics“ featured by
Global Medical Discovery.

The recent joint publication with researchers from the Institute of Sensor and
Actuator Systems at Vienna University of Technology has been identified by
Global Medical Discovery as a Key Scientific Article, contributing to
excellence in biomedical research


Dr. Christian Krutzler, Manager of Research Area „Sensors and Micro-optics“,
and ACMIT scientific board member Prof. Michiel J. Vellekoop, University of
Bremen, are among the authors of the paper published in Lab on a Chip, Issue
2, 2014 378-383. Therein they report a microfluidic system for the rapid
preparation of hydrogel diagnostic assays. Simple handling and operation
make microfluidic devices attractive for point-of-care diagnostics. The
authors demonstrate that this unique concept offers possibilities for a wide
range of diagnostics e.g. the detection of matrix metalloproteinases, which
are important factors in chronic wound healing.
Global Medical Discovery is a Canadian organization that recognizes
contributions of scientists, and clinicians who have made major advances in
the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of human

Lab on a chip is a journal on miniaturization for chemistry, physics, biology
and bioengineering with an impact factor of 5,697:

Global Medical Discovery Feature:

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