Project „3D ultrasound for vascular tomography“ finished successfully 26.07.2016

On July, 19th our client and company partner piur imaging GmbH declared conformity for their PIUR tUS (tomographic ultrasound) device.

PIUR tUS is a system for recording high-resolution ultrasound volumes based on commercially available US devices. Using a special image-analysis-workstation,piur tUSphysicians can view and edit this 3D data to assist their treatment decisions. This setup aims at reducing the necessity of expensive (e.g. MR imaging) and potentially harmful (e.g. CT) 3D-imaging modalities.

For more detailed information about the product please visit:


In the course of this half-year project (project manager Nikolaus Hocke, MSc.) ACMIT performed several tasks, e.g.:

  • Establishment of ISO-conform technical documentation
  • Design of suitable hardware and integration of the already existing software
  • Ensuring of mechanical as well as electrical safety and performance of various other regulatory tests
  • Verification and validation including usability analysis
  • Design of the packaging
  • Setup of two prototypes


We want to thank the piur imaging team for the successful and pleasant collaboration!

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