Instruments & Robotics

The research area „Instruments & Robotics“ mainly deals with multi-functional instruments, new platform concepts for their intuitive use, and robot systems for accurate and reliable tool positioning.

The research is structured into the following projects:

Novel actuators and process control in medical instrumentation

Increasing the functionality of micro tools while further reducing their size poses new challenges, e.g. in steering, force transmission and interaction with the tissue.
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Advanced concepts for medical robot systems

The ability to transfer „information into action“ makes medical robots to a key component of new image-guided surgical technology.
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Steerable, multi-functional tools and platform concepts

Multi-functionality is one of the major requirements for innovative medical instruments as it reduces the need of tool change and contributes to efficiency and to reduction of trauma.
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Novel concepts for 3D-imaging and tissue removal

Compact 3D imaging and new ways of tissue removal with minimized (post)operative trauma are two important cornerstones for an efficient therapy.
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Implantable hearing aids – electrode design and insertion tools

Increased flexibility of implantable hearing aids poses new challenges for their handling and insertion.
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