Workflow & Skill Transfer

Basic research focus is to support the development, introduction and use of new medical technology in order to make surgical procedures more efficient and

Workflow information will set the base for operational support by definition of test cases, benchmarks, and validation concepts. In addition, a methodology is being developed in order to transfer a specific problem description into a simulation setup for surgical training.

The research is structured into the following projects:

Optimization of surgical procedures

Goal of this project is to develop an advanced engineering concept that supports assessment of workflow processes in the medical environment and to use this information for a variety of additional process steps.
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Tools and processes for development of medical technology

This project is designed for support of all other research projects within ACMIT by implementation of methods and tools for a structured development process.
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Skill transfer by innovative training concepts

Basic idea of this project is to connect the workflow description of the surgical task with a generalized methodology for design and realization of a particular training setup.
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