Novel actuators and process control in medical instrumentation

Phase Change Actuator (PCA) module for tool actuation

Phase Change Actuator (PCA) module for
tool actuation

Increasing the functionality of micro tools while further reducing their size poses new challenges, e.g. in steering, force transmission and interaction with the tissue.Novel actuation principles for miniaturized tools are crucial for new functions and applications in micro catheters and endoscopic instruments.

In ACMIT „Phase Change Actuation“ (PCA) and micro-hydraulic systems are investigated and benchmarked with state of the art push-pull cable-type or shape memory micro actuators.

Functional models and prototypes are designed and evaluated. In addition, a mechatronic assistant for needle insertion is developed that reduces the
cutting force and needle bending. Transfer of the elaborated concept to different types of needle applicators is planned.

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