Novel concepts for 3D-imaging and tissue removal

Compact 3D imaging and new ways of tissue removal with minimized (post)operative traumatization are two important cornerstones for an efficient therapy.

Three different topics will be investigated in this project:

  • Different setups for 3D-ultrasound technology and related problems (e.g. tracking, calibration, etc) as well as applications.
  • 3D-imaging based on endoscopic images in small cavities. Existing methodologies from other disciplines (e.g. automation technology in manufacturing) will be applied for medical applications.
  • New concepts for selective 3D-tissue removal with minimal access route.

The project includes integration of the aforementioned new technologies in medical applications as a test-case, e.g. for US-guided thermal tumor ablation, endoscopy in neuro-surgery or ear, nose and throat (ENT), and removal of osteolitic cysts.

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