Usability Engineering and Testing

The activities of ACMIT comprise user-oriented development from the beginning all the way to testing and validation of devices concerning their usability. As a result, we deliver a usability file according to IEC 62366 (Certification of Conformity).

Usability-Management in the Development Process


Our all-in usability package includes all usability engineering tasks from start of product development to the usability file ready for certification. As a result, we deliver the completed Usability File.

Customized packages containing one or several of the following tasks outlined below:


  • Review of already existing technical documentation, e.g. intended use, risk management. Result is a preliminary Use Specification.
  • Performance and analysis of User Research, e.g. contextual inquiry, observation or other techniques. Result is a Report on the Analysis and an updated Use Specification.
  • Performance of a Use Error Risk Analysis to determine hazard-related use scenarios. Result is a Report listing the main user tasks, the according foreseeable use errors and proposed risk mitigation measures.
  • Conceptual User Interface Design regarding usability according to generally accepted standards and style guides. Results are the User Interface Specification and the User Interface Evaluation Plan.
  • Performance of formative tests, e.g. perform and document verification, expert reviews, cognitive walk-throughs, usability tests. Result is a comprehensive Report on the performed tests. The test report is supplemented by suggestions for improving the user interface.
  • Performance of summative usability tests, i.e. usability studies on-site (mobile usability lab) or in our fully equipped usability lab consisting of an experimental OR, a living space environment and a surveillance room with modern video and audio technology. We plan the test, recruit real users and perform the test. As a result, we deliver a Comprehensive Test Report including analysis of the outcome and suggestions for minimization of risks and/or improving user experience.



ACMIT’s Experimental OR.

Individual support

We support our customers in performing their usability related activities on a time and material basis. All documents are created either by using our peer-reviewed templates or by using customer-specific templates.

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