Strategy Board 16.02.2011


ACMIT´s Strategy Board had its constituting meeting on February 16th , 2011.

The function of the Board shall be to evaluate and determine the strategic direction of ACMIT´s activities.
The ACMIT Management Team presented to the Chairman of the Board, Mag. Manfred Stadler (Innovation Coaches Stadler KG) and to the Board Members, em.Prof. DDr. Helmut Detter (Vienna University of Technology), Mag. Peter Hacker (LinEs Consulting GmbH), Prof. Selman Uranues (Medical University Graz), Dr. Klaus Woltron (Minas Group) and Mag.
Johannes Karrer (FFG) the research activities. In the following, they discussed in detail the
strategic alignment of research services and present achievements.

As a result the Strategy Board recommended the setting up of a new research topic named
„Research of innovative optical principles and development of micro lenses“.

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