Wilhelm Exner Medal for Prof. Redl 18.11.2013

ACMIT Strategy Board Member Prof. Heinz Redl was awarded the Wilhelm Exner Medal for excellence in research and science.


from left to right: Prof. Uwe
Sleytr (BOKU), Prof. Heinz
Redl (LBI Trauma),
Kommerzialrat Margarete
Kriz-Zwittkovits (President
ÖGV), Prof. Wolfgang Knoll
(AIT) / c Fotostudio Richard
Schuster, Wien

Redl is director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology
in Vienna, which is among ACMIT’s scientific partner institutions. The medal is sponsored by
the Austrian Association for SME (Österreichischer Gewerbeverein) since 1921. It is awarded
to researchers whose scientific achievements have directly boosted or enhanced business
and industry and whose theories and findings have brought about important applications in trade and industry. 16 Nobel Prize winners are among the 222 Wilhem Exner awardees that come from physics, chemistry and biology, or are engineers and inventors. This year’s second laureate is Prof. Joseph M. Jacobson from MIT’s famous Media Lab. The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft is particularly focused on translational research, thus the work on the interface between basic and applied research. Redl is also coordinator of the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration.

In ACMIT he is one of five members of the Strategy Board of experts from technological,
medical, clinical and management disciplines. Their role is conceived as strategic advisors
helping the ACMIT management to take the right decisions.

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