The following list shows already launched medical devices with relevant ACMIT contribution:

Realistic Anatomical Models



  • human tissue anatomical models by 3D-printing
  • optimizing of surgical methods and training for medical doctors
  • reduction of cadaver tests








Legal manufacturer: iSYS Medizintechnik GmbH

ACMIT contribution: Product development from idea to clinical use and contract manufacturing.


  • SMART Robotic positioning and guidance remote system for image-guided interventions
  • for precise instrument positioning
  • consistent precision and efficiency providing less chance of complications







PRECEYES Surgical System R1.1

Legal manufacturer: Preceyes B.V.

ACMIT contribution: Usability engineering and testing.


  • clinically validated robotic assistance for vitreoretinal surgery
  • better than 20 μm precision
  • compatible with wide range of instruments
  • high safety and workflow optimization






RayOne Trifocal and Sulcoflex Trifocal

Legal manufacturer: Rayner Intraocular Lenses Ltd.

ACMIT contribution: Multifocal lens design.


  • trifocal intraocular implants
  • proprietary diffractive profile, named Far Intermediate NEar (FINE) Vision
  • combined with a preloaded injector
  • designed for less pupil dependency
  • comfortable transitioning from near to distance activities
  • light loss of only 11%
  • reduced surgical risk associated with IOL exchange
  • details of RayOne Trifocal & Sulcoflex Trifocal







Primea Advanced Air

Legal manufacturer: W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH

„ACMIT is a research and development partner of W&H for many years. In the course of the development of the Primea Advanced Air, ACMIT performed important basic development of the regulated turbine and the ring-shaped LED lighting. Furthermore, ACMIT provided first functional models, which we then further developed to a serial market-ready product.” says Dr. Wilhelm Brugger, Management F&E.


  • advanced option for dental restoration and prosthetics
  • 100% shadow-free illumination with regulated turbine and ring-shaped LED lighting
  • awarded with the Austrian National Award for Innovation in 2018







PIUR tUS Infinity

Legal manufacturer: piur imaging GmbH

ACMIT contribution: Product development from idea to clinical use and contract manufacturing.


  • PIUR tUS Infinity transfers any US machine into a high-resolution 3D scanner
  • mobile, small, wireless tool for a rapid, acccurate, safe, reconstructive 3D imaging
  • The Infinity Video Box connects to any standard US and transfers 2D images to the Infinity Workstation via Wi-Fi in real-time
  • The Infinity Sensor clips onto any linear US transducer and sends the information to the Infinity Workstation via Bluetooth
  • The Infinity Workstation collects information from the Infinity Video Box and Sensor and applies AI-based image algorithms to generate tomographic US volumes





Suprasorb CNP P3

Legal manufacturer: Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH

ACMIT contribution: Product development, usability engineering and test system.


  • negative pressure wound therapy
  • potential tool for treatment of acute, chronic, postoperatively wounds, decubitus or ulcus cruris venosum
  • compact structure with a drain connected unit





Semmelweis Hand Hygiene System

Legal manufacturer: Hand-in-Scan Zrt.

ACMIT contribution: Product development from idea to clinical use and prototyping.


  • hand hygiene education in healthcare, food industry and biotechnology
  • validated hand hygiene control for hand rubbing
  • objective and quantitative evaluation of hand hygiene
  • reduction of healthcare-associated infections






Legal manufacturer: ACMIT Gmbh

The Virtobot-System has been developed based on the Virtopsy® process of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, at the University of Zurich.


  • virtual or traditional autopsy conducted with scanning and 3D Imaging
  • multi-tool microscopy, spectroscopy, percutaneous biopsy combined with CT/MRI
  • postmortem angiography, identification or ventilation
  • integrated kinect camera or 3D printing and rapid prototyping







Austrian Myeloma Registry (AMR)

Partner: Oncotyrol – Center for Personalized Cancer Medicine GmbH

ACMIT contribution: Software development.


  • individually developed web-based software with the highest data protection
  • clinical management of myeloma patients
  • evaluation of disease course, adverse reactions in individual patients populations
  • tool for reviewing guidelines, clinical trials and pharmacoeconomic conditions




CHES-Software and Patient Reported Outcome (PRO)

Partner: Evaluation Software Development GmbH

ACMIT contribution: Software development.


  • computer-based evaluation of oncological treatments and their impact on the quality of life
  • PRO database via patient collected questionnaire
  • therapy optimization with the estimation of psychooncological needs







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