The following PhD, Master and Bachelor theses are/were authored at the competence center ACMIT and/or its scientific and company partners.

PhD Theses

K.-M. Assel (in progress), “Synthesis of the Automatic Control System for Moving of a Robot Manipulator for 3D Scanning of Objects with Complex Geometric Shape”

Sz. Bánsághi (in progress), “New Methods to Support Infection Control”

R. Elek (in progress), “Visual Information Based Decision Systems in Surgical Robotics”

S. Estermann (in progress), “Development of A Process for Reproducing Biological Tissues in Terms of Their Mechanical Properties by Means of 3D Printing”

S. Hatamikia (in progress), “Dose Optimization for Interventional Imaging”

R. Hayajneh (in progress), “Al-Based Vision Enhancement in Minimally Invasive Surgery”

L. Jaksa (in progress), “Additive Manufacturing Process for Realistic Anatomical Models“

S. Jordan (in progress), “Deep Learning Methods in Medical Robotics“

A. Kocsis (in progress), “Immune-Regulatory Capacity of Mesenchymal Stem Cells”

D. Nagy (in progress), “Modern Algorithms to Support Surgical Robotic Interventions”

T. Nagy (in progress), “Surgical Subtask Automation with Robotic Solutions”

B. Takács (in progress), “Collaborative Robot Control for Medical Applications”

K. Takács (in progress), “Advanced Control Modalities for Robot Assited Telesurgery”

T. Vaughan (in progress), “Computational Methods for Breast Cancer Surgery and Brachytherapy Guidance”

F. Jelínek (2015), “Steering and Harvesting Technology for Minimally Invasive Biopsy”

D. Puchberger (2015), “Novel Sensor System for Integrated Wound Monitoring Methods”

T. Haidegger (2011), “Theory and Method to Enhance Computer-Integrated Surgical Systems”

Master Theses

M. Asselin (in progress), “Interactive Inverse Planning for Robot Guided Liver Radiofrequency Ablation“

Z. M. C. Baum (in progress), “Augmented Reality Training Platform for Placement of Neurosurgical Burr Holes“

E. Cakar (in progress), “A Chaos-Based Signal Masking Application Using Liu System“

H. Cherni (in progress), “Cyber Security in Medical Robotics“

A. Czeh (in progress), “Image-Guided Needle Insertion Platform Design“

R. Doczi (in progress), “Developing Complex Software Systems for Robot Applications“

D. van Duijn (in progress), “A Steerable Stylet for the Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Procedure“

I. van Heijningen (in progress), “Development of a Novel Non-Invasive Expandable Knee Prothesis“

R. J. Hisey (in progress), “Computer-Assisted Workflow Recognition for Central Venous Catheterization“

M. Kallay (in progress), “Laparoscopic Phantom Development for Renal Surgeries“

R. Kolonics (in progress), “Montage und Zentrierung Asphärischer Linsen“

F. Kor (in progress), “The Design of an Anthropomorphic Head Phantom for Neurosurgical Planning, Education and Training“

S. Maschke (in progress), “Challenging the Osseous Component of Sphenoorbital Meningiomas – The Influence of Multimodal Neuronavigation on Extent of Resection“

C. Molnar (in progress), “Visual Servoing for the Da Vinci System“

I. Nigicser (in progress), “Rapidly Deployable Structures for Tissue Retraction“

E. Repetti (in progress), “Design and Develop a 3D Printed Medical Phantom Able to Replicate Lungs and Bronchial Tree Geometrical and Mechanical Characteristics as Human Tissue“

E. Sahetmyradov (in progress), “Synchronization of the DVRK with the FRS Dome“

N. Ukhrenkov (in progress), “Development of a Human–Machine Interface and Simulation Environment within the Da Vinci Research Kit“

G. M. Underwood (in progress), “Development of a Computational Treatment Planning System for Radiofrequency Ablation of Vertrebral Metastases“

C. van Gent (in progress), “The Integration of Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy into the Electrosurgical Knife: Clarifying and Preventing Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Signal Deterioration“

T. Van Nguyen (in progress), “Safety Aspects of Human-Robot Interaction“

P. Vezse (in progress), “Development of Fluorescent Marked Biocid Compounds for Hand Disinfection“

A. Volbeda (in progress), “Towards Real-Time Identification of Brain Tumors by Integrating Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy in a Neurosurgical Instrument“

N. de Vries (in progress), “Development of a ‘Smart Surgical Instrument’: Assessing the Feasibility of Ultrasound Integration into an Ultrasonic Scalpel“

J. Wesseling (in progress), “Developing an Independently Executable Simulation Training for ERCP“

L. Jaksa (2019), “Evaluation of a Ceramic 3D Printing Technology Considering Medical Applications“

B. Sagmeister (2019), “Test System for a Dynamic Ligament Balancing Sensorplate”

P. Suti (2019), “Hand Modeling and Image Segmentation with Real-time Algorithms”

K. Takacs (2019), “Fundamentals of Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery“

M. Bordeus (2018), “Berechnungsmodell der Bandsynapsen der Bipolarzellen in der Retina“

B. Kocsis (2018), “Volumetric Visualization of Vessel Structure Gained from Infra or Thermal Images Coupled with (3D) CT, MRI“

N. Loschko (2018), “Untersuchung über die Wirkung Verschiedener Intraokularlinsen auf den Seheindruck unter Verwendung des IOL Simulators“

V. Sári (2018), “Objective Methods to Compare Hand Hygiene Assessment Tools“

Z. Pintér (2017), “Intellectual Property Protection for Novel Medtech Devices“

L. Oberleitener (2017), “Eine Pilotstudie zur Erforschung der Auswirkungen Verschiedener IOL Designs in Subjektiven 2D und 3D Szenarien“

S. Ambardekar (2016), “Multifunctional Instrument for Intracranial Neurosurgery”

Sz. Barcza (2016), “Automating Laparoscopic Camera Handling”

R. Elek (2016), “Image-Based Camera Control for Surgical Robotic Interventions”

S. Jordan (2016), “Surgical Robot Navigation and Control”

E. Kámán (2016), “Hand Model Fitting and Segmentation Validation”

S. Seetharaman (2016), “New Software Interface for Robot-Assisted Needle Placement in Neurosurgery”

S. Kumar (2015), “Implementation of an Integrated Document Management System at ACMIT and Croma Pharma”

D. Nagy (2015), “An Automatic Method for Camera Positioning During Laparoscopic Surgery”

R. Vörös (2015), “Robotic Technology in Head and Neck Surgery”

C. Nepel (2014), “Übersichtsarbeit zum Thema Posttraumatische und Antiinflammatorische Kryotherapie“

H. Pock (2014), “Entwicklung eines Regelkreises auf Basis des Pelletier Effektes für Partielle Körperkühlung”

S. Bansaghi (2013), “Risk Perception on Hand Hygiene”

V. Godri (2013), “Validating a Laparoscopic Trainer”

T. Mayer (2013), “Evaluation of the Axial Shift of an Intraocular Lens Using a Capsular Bag Mechanical Model”

N. Plank (2013), “Automatisierung eines Optischen Messaufbaus zur Charakterisierung von Intraokularlinsen”

G. Fenyvesi (2012), “Susceptibility of Intra-operative Electromagentic Tracking Systems”

A. Hahnekamp (2012), “Automatisierte Erkennung und Manipulation von Medizinischen Textilien”

M. Nagy (2012), “Automation of Hand Washing Control”

T. Neugebauer (2012), “Integration einer Längenmessvorrichtung in eine Chirurgische Bohrmaschine”

V. Reisenbauer (2012), “Hochdruck Wasserstrahl Bearbeitung – Technische und Kaufmännische Bewertung”

M. Fegerl (2011), “Modular Control System for Medical Robotics – Design and Implementation”

M. Krenn (2011), “Usability Conform Scenario Configurator for a Therapeutic Robot System”

A. Lehotsky (2011), “Developing a Hand Hygiene Control System”

P. Steiger (2011), “Dynamische Analyse eines Segmentierten Antriebsstranges für Gekrümmte Chirurgische Instrumente”

Bachelor Theses

S. Anchlia (in progress), “Processing of 3D Point Clouds in Robot-Assisted Surgery”

G. Benko (in progress), “Development of Modular Vision System for Endoscopic Surgical Interventions”

D. El Saig (in progress), “Software Development for Robot-Assisted Surgical Skill Assessment”

L. Gorbay-Nagy (in progress), “Large Scale Objective Hand Hygiene Assessment”

D. Hazra (in progress), “Development of Computer Vision Algorithms for Robot Assisted Surgery”

M. Markoczy (in progress), “Reducing HAI with Technology”

M. Racz (in progress), “Image-Based Camera Control during Robotic Surgery”

M. Rendes (in progress), “Point Cloud Based Surface Estimation for Radiosurgery Treatment”

G. Tóth (in progress), “Image-Based Camera Control for Robotic Surgery”

R. Kolonics (2018), “Entwicklung eines 3D-Druckverfahrens für Künstliche Gewebe aus Silikon”

L. Jaksa (2017), “Force Feedback Unit Design for a Laparoscopic Surgical Simulator”

M. Katana (2014), “Development of a Handheld Tool for Optimized Needle Insertion for Cervix Cancer Treatment”

H. Pock (2014), “Entwicklung eines Regelkreises auf Basis des Peltier-Effektes für par Partielle Körperkühlung”

R. Nagl (2013), “Concentration-, Wavelength- and Temperature- dependent Determination of the Refractive Index of Saline Solutions”

E. Rank (2013), “Construction of a Mechanical Eye Model for Evaluation of Physiological and Physical Optical Quality Criteria of Intraocular Lenses”

P. Schattovich (2013), “Wireless Control of a Microrobot-prototype for Robotic Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery”

S. Schulz (2012), “Entwicklung eines Mikrocontrolleralgorithmus zur Charakterisierung von Gasen und deren Konzentration”

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