Focus on Minimally Invasive Procedures

ACMIT develops procedures and mechatronic systems on a micro- and macro-scale in order to increase efficiency and safety of medical treatment. Our particular focus is on Minimally Invasive Procedures, including laparoscopic/endoscopic surgery as well as needle-based and image-guided interventions. The activities are extended with sensor development for non-invasive wound monitoring and with micro-optics in ophthalmology. Topics like interfaces, interaction, usability, work-flow optimization and training support our research and development in a fully integrative way – from user to treatment.

Research and development in ACMIT is fully application oriented, with the overall goal to bring developments to their real use in clinical context within reasonable time.

The research at ACMIT is organized in three areas:

Instruments and Robotics

New actuation principles for multi-functional surgical tools, advanced robotic components and interaction principles. Integration of developed components in selected applications, prototyping and clinical evaluation.

Sensors and Micro-Optics

Sensor technology for detection and verification of certain tissue properties. Sensor integration into wound dressing for monitoring of the healing process. Micro-optics for ophthalmology, including transfer of novel micro-optical technology into surgical tools.

Workflow Optimization and Skill Transfer

Tools and methodologies for efficient implementation of new technology in the operating room (OR). Complete description of the OR-workflow and relations
(i.e. data transfer) between workflow and particular sub-problems, like usability engineering, risk analysis, training concepts, and much more.

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